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Packing Food in Boxes


We are committed to providing opportunities and support to empower girls aged 8-18 living in underserved neighborhoods in The Bronx, Northern Manhattan & Westchester County. Dreamt about in earlier years and now in full fruition, at Fancy's Girls Class Inc., we believe that each young lady should not feel underserved, disregarded, ostracized, harassed due to financial setbacks. With our backgrounds from urban communities within NYC & Westchester County, we believe everyone can overcome adversities whilst still seeing the glass half full. Continuing to pass that positive energy to so many.


Where Passion and Dedication Meet
Since our founding in 2024, at Fancy's Girls Class Inc. we're very proud of the expertise of our staff and their abilities to contribute their own unique experience and skills to our success.

Nancy Martinez

Executive Director

A beacon of resilience and empowerment. Having triumphed over poverty through sheer strength, hard work and humility, she now inspires young women, showing them the path to possibility and empowerment. Her story is one of courage, determination, and unwavering hope. As executive director of our non-profit, her heart is devoted to empowering inner-city girls. Every day, we strive to break barriers and inspire dreams. In her free time, Nancy enjoys yoga, relaxing with friends and family, and traveling. 

Anna Bee

Director of Finance

As Director of Finance, Mrs. Bee brings a deep sense of empathy and purpose to our financial stewardship. Holding a degree from an accredited university her financial expertise with a passion for transforming lives is just what FGC Inc. was blessed to have. Committed to our nonprofits mission of empowering young women, Anna navigates fiscal strategies to ensure sustainable impact. Beyond numbers, she understands the human impact of the work. With a heart for social change, Anna drives financial stewardship to fuel our vision. Anna enjoys cooking warm meals and spending time with her grandchildren. 

Carol Martinez


As secretary, Mrs. Martinez orchestrates the daily rhythm of our nonprofit, harmonizing operations to amplify our impact. With dedication, she streamlines processes, nurture collaboration, and ensures every detail aligns with our mission. Mrs. Martinez is committed to supporting our mission with compassion and efficiency. With a heart for service, she ensures seamless communication and organization, making a meaningful impact in the lives of those we serve. Carol enjoys game night, trying new recipes, and spending time with her family.
Destini Howard

Program Coordiantor

Mrs. Howard is the dedicated coordinator for the organization. Destini is passionately committed to empowering the girls living in poverty. With a heart for understanding their adversities, she strives to foster resilience and provide the tools they need to thrive. Equipped with a certificate in life coaching, she offers personalized guidance to help them navigate challenges and unlock their full potential. Although, life presented some hurdles in completing her education, after raising a family of her own, she never gave up on that goal. Destini is currently attending BMCC and is expecting to graduate in May 2024. Together, we're building brighter futures, one filled with the hope, opportunities, and endless possibilities. 
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